Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Funny love poems and images

There are many ways to show love, but a way of expressing love without costly investment are you looking for online love poems, or you can also write love poems. Love poems which you can mix more fun humor it will make someone you love feel your sincere feelings and make someone you love happy.

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funny love poems

" Homeless " By:Kuya Bhagz

On city streets late at night in the cold winter I walk and run not too numb to feel not too blind to see my dream like a summer day long gone now only cold to crystalize my fate like frost on the window icy patterns trying to get in reached the limits of my reach I reach and pound my fist against the wall of humanity of denial stretching across the horizon as far as I can see I am lost in a desert only the sun beating down reminding me I am hot, so hot I'm going to die on city streets It won't be easy remember me I walk and run away like a summer day long gone now

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love funny poems

Thank God.

The spirits of who've gone before, Each night caress my soul, Giving me the faith I have, Making me feel whole. It matters not the road ahead, What perils might befall, The love within the universe, ... Is making me walk tall. I breathe in what is good for me, The hope, the love, the song, And every breath that I breathe out, Expunges what is wrong. I feel the beauty and the joy, Of being just alive, And every day presents to me, Great reasons to survive. I try to keep to my beliefs, My faith has made me strong, With random acts of kindness too.. I know I can't go wrong. Lifes simple pleasures please me now, It's like I'm born anew, I've found what rocks my universe, And I'm here to see it through. My life is filled with joy untold, It's washed my spirit clean, Like waking from eternal sleep- Encased within a dream. My purpose now - to sieze the day, My arms now open wide, Embracing all life offers me, With joy I cannot hide. And each day as the sun does set, I'll know it's meant to be, That God saw fit to bless my life, And set my spirit free. With gentle understanding.. It's very plain to see, I am blessed right now, and always, And I thank God for making me.

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